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ALERT KIDS UK Apprenticeships

Romford, Dorset
Early years teacher

Life at ALERT KIDS UK for apprenticeships

Our aim is to cater to the traditional childcare markets but also to do the following in our settings:

Promote to parents to utilise the free Early Years Grants Scheme for childcare costs.

Maximise the choice, independence and learning for children by delivering Early Years based curriculum through role play, physical development, storytelling, literacy numerical skills, water sand and malleable materials, creative activities offer innovative and purposeful childcare in a relaxed, friendly environment.

We strive to significantly deliver Early Years and Ofsted priorities. Our vision is to help the government’s task “to help educate children from poorer backgrounds.”

We are a friendly and welcoming settings which aims to cater for the individual needs of every child in our care and ensuring we can fulfil the requirements of our parents. We aim to allow the children to reach their full potential by providing a stimulating and exciting play environment. We aim to ensure every child is safe, secure and happy in our settings; we aim to involve every child and respect every child’s needs, all children will be respected, their individuality and potential will be recognised, valued and nurtured.

Children will be encouraged to welcome a range of different festivals, together with the stories, celebrations and clothing they may involve.

Rising Stars Preschool was established in 2012 by an experienced management team who also have another setting called Alertkids Nursery as visited by HM Queen in 2005.e as part of the diversity of life.

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