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How it works

Here's now Beetroot accounts work and how you can get scouted by your favourite brands!

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Tell us a bit about you, your education and career aspirations. Spend 4 minutes signing up to unlock a lifetime of success!

There's lots you can do as a member, apply for jobs or follow companies you're interested in. You can also get invited to interviews even if you haven't applied!

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Companies message you on Beetroot

Employers are always searching for candidates like you on Beetroot, we'll automatically match you with companies if you meet their criteria.

If an employer is interested in you, they can send you a direct message on Beetroot. Direct messages are a super easy way to network with amazing companies!

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The best email you'll receive!

We'll email you if an employer sends you a message.

Your profile is always anonymous, If you respond to an employer's message, they'll be able to see your personal details.

Your contact details will always stay private unless you share them yourself.

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Apply, get fastracked or get hired!

If you match the criteria for a role, employers can offer to fast track you straight to an assessment centre, interview or event even if you haven't applied!

You can apply for jobs and even let companies know you're interested in working for them, if there's an opportunity there in the future, you'll be the first to know about it!

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You're hired! Now go smash it!

You've got the job! It's time to kick start your career!

You'll be very busy and we don't expect you to stick around. Once you've got a job, let us know, tell us if we've helped and we'll close your account.

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Frequently asked questions
Can I choose how employers contact me?

No, we keep your contact details private. The only way employers can contact you is by sending you a message on We'll send you an email to let you know if you get any messages. You'll need to login to your account to read your messages.

Can recuiters see my personal details?

No, employers can't your personal details at first. If you reply to their messages then they'll have access to your personal information.

Are there different types of messages?

Yes, message styles vary. You can receive anything from a simple message about a job to a fast track invitation for an interview or assessment centre.

Will I definitely get messages from employer?

No, getting a message from an employer isn't guaranteed. You might get a message straight after you sign up, or after several months. The earlier you sign up the more chance you have of receiving a message.

Can I choose not to be contacted?

Yes, if you don't want to be contacted, tell us by updating your contact preferences in your account.