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Alternative Business Funding Apprenticeships

Bristol, Bristol County

Life at Alternative Business Funding for apprenticeships

At we provide a free and easy way for SMEs to find a vast array of funding choices.

We are focused on making it simple for time-constrained business-owners to find the right sources of finance, with only a few simple questions required to use the site.

ABF funding partners cover the high street banks and the vast majority of the alternative business funding market with more joining the collaboration all the time.

More than just a web portal, is campaigning to create a more collaborative environment for business funding aimed at simplifying SME owners’ search for appropriate finance.

ABF promotes:

The referral of finance providers own unsuccessful applicants directly to the site Lobbying the Government to introduce “signposting” for all unsuccessful bank applicants The use of our resources and expertise to raise awareness of different forms of business funding The support the commercial finance sector by providing tools to drive successful outcomes for SMEs

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