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          Helping you find a career in the advertising industry

          Advertising is a huge influential force in our lives. It's on bus stops, on the tube and on giant billboards that tower above us. They shape our views on a huge number of things, in a huge number of ways.

          Advertising is ultimately about brands getting their messages out to their audiences. The industry is massive and requires a workforce that is creative and driven to continually reinvent how these messages are sent out. With the boom of social media, the advertising landscape has transformed.

          The jobs within this industry are fast-paced and demanding with everyone competing to be ahead of the curve. This also means that the hours can be long and occasionally unsocial, especially around the launch period of campaigns.

          Advertising involves working a variety of people with a range of skillsets. Teams will often include assistants, designers, strategists, copywriters, videographers, and other staff members. Advertising teams work together to ensure that all the aspects of a campaign are aligned and come together seamlessly.

          International advertising agencies will present international travel opportunities to meet with clients and stakeholders. It's perks like this, alongside the huge satisfaction of pulling off a large-scale campaign, that draw people to this industry.

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          Skills & interests required for a career in Advertising

          The different roles within advertising require varying skillsets. For example, copywriters will need strong writing skills whereas designers will need a creative visual eye.

          Advertising apprenticeships & other career progress routes for school leavers

          The career progression in advertising is quite straightforward, so you know what position you are aiming for if you want to progress. The wording may change slightly depending on the company, but the general structure is as follows:

          • Assistant
          • Executive
          • Senior executive
          • Manager
          • Senior manager
          • Director

          Each of these roles will require a couple of years of experience. With each position, you will take on more responsibilities and, if you're in an agency, clients of increasing importance.

          Tips for getting into the field

          Advertising is a very popular industry due to the fun nature of the work, so it's worth knowing some top tips to help secure you a role in this coveted industry:

          • Apply for relevant work experience and internships - Your experience is what will make you stand out above other candidates. Some work experience, or an internship, shows that you're committed to the industry and have an understanding of what the job will entail.
          • Research the top companies in the advertising industry - Find out what qualifications and experience they require
          • Get the relevant qualifications - For advertising, there are a number you could pursue. A diploma or something similar in advertising will help you to build practical skills.
          • Use your contacts - university professors, people on work experience and your LinkedIn connections could all potentially lead you to a role that you're interested in.
          What do Advertising professionals get paid?

          Because there are so many jobs at so many different levels within this industry, you will find a huge variance in salaries.

          When starting out in the industry your salary is likely to be modest, but due to the responsibilities placed upon you and the level of organisation and skill required, as you progress you could see your pay cheque increase quickly.

          Average salaries in advertising, according to Pay Scale, are:

          Business development executive - £23,903 Business development manager - £36,639 Account executive - £19,999 Account manager - £26,571 Copywriter - £23,407 Senior copywriter - £38,872 Graphic designer - £24,519 Social media manager - £25,287 Brand strategist - £34,398 Advertising manager - £36,194 Media planner - £25,390

          What qualifications do I need for a career in Advertising?

          A-levels in media, photography, graphic design, marketing, business, or English may help you to secure a position on an advertising apprenticeship. The exact qualifications that you should take will depend upon the role that you wish to pursue.

          Practical qualifications in Photoshop, or Google Adwords, may also help you to land a job. Again, the exact qualifications will depend upon the role that you want.

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