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    Business Developer
        Business Developer
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        £24,000 - £32,000 per annum
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        Helping you find a career in the business developer industry

        A business developer grows a company's profits by bringing in new customers and making sure existing customers spend more money. The business developer is expected to deliver pitches at boardroom meetings and so being a confident speaker is key to the role.

        Business developers can be found across lots of industries, including banks, businesses and software companies.

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        What does a Business Developer do?

        A business developer's main role is creating more sales for a company. A typical day for a business developer will be:

        • Pitching and presenting to boardroom meetings
        • Finding new ways to persuade customers to spend
        • Bringing in new customers
        • Maintaining a good relationship with existing customers
        • Working on sales follow-up activities (in the hope of generating more sales)
        • Scheduling appointments; preparing and delivering research
        • Providing excellent customer service
        • Hitting goals/projected targets
        Skills & interests required for a Business Developer

        You'll need the ability to analyse and create financial reports, and a clean driving license is a must.

        These skills are also important:

        What hours does a Business Developer typically do?

        Business Developers tend to work a 9 am to 5 pm day. However, overtime and weekend work are necessary when deadlines have to be met.

        What environment is a Business Developer based in?

        An office.

        How much does a Business Developer travel?

        Business developers will be expected to visit other offices and working environments for meetings. Oversea travel is common for this role, especially as developers often need to understand foreign markets.

        How much does a Business Developer get paid?

        The average base pay for a business developer is £34,000 per annum. The pay ranges from £20,000 - £54,952 and depends on the location. Positions in London are expected to pay more in order to accommodate for the higher living costs.

        In terms of career progression, a **business developer might choose to specialise in sales or marketing. They may also choose to become a business consultant and offer advice to companies.

        The national average pay for a business consultant is £44,830.

        Perks & benefits

        Depending on the company, a business developer has the chance to earn bonuses which range from £882 to £14,908 per annum.

        Some companies offer profit sharing benefits. This is when staff members receive a direct share of the company profits.

        Large companies might also offer free gym memberships, a company car and health insurance.

        What qualifications does a Business Developer need?

        There are no minimum qualifications needed for this role. But, since you have left school with a handful of GCSEs you will have the upper hand when applying.

        It is always better if you have work experience within a managerial position as well as sales, accountancy or marketing.

        However, it is more than likely that you will be competing against university graduates for this position. Therefore, relevant work experience in a sales/ marketing role or a college course certificate in sales and business is crucial for success.

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