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          Helping you find a career in the cleaner industry

          Cleaners carry out cleaning tasks is a wide variety of environments. Some specialist cleaners may focus on cars, upholstery or other items that take specialist equipment and expertise to clean.

          Apprenticeships are a common way to enter the industry but there are ultimately few barriers to entry for those seeking entry level employment in cleaning.

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          • FAQs
          What does a Cleaner do?

          You'll clean! What you will be cleaning will depend on where you are working. Typically, you'll be cleaning carpets, upholstery and surfaces in environments such as private houses, places of business, and vehicles. There are also positions which require you to clean at heights, for instance, window cleaners. Generally, you'll have a regular schedule for cleaning an area although you may be called upon to clean in the wake of an accident if necessary.

          Skills & interests required for a Cleaner
          • Attention to detail
          • Patience
          • Efficient working
          • Customer service skills in some roles
          • The ability to work without direct supervision
          • If you're cleaning at heights, you'll need to be able to work above ground without fear
          What hours does a Cleaner typically do?

          Around 35-40 hours a week is typical but demanding contracts can see this extended and the nature of your employment will define your hours.

          Part time and temporary roles are also common.

          What environment is a Cleaner based in?

          Anywhere that needs a good clean!

          How much does a Cleaner travel?

          Some cleaning positions will have a dedicated site at which you clean, so there will be little or no travel. Other positions may require you to travel to client locations but your company will pay for any travel expenses.

          How much does a Cleaner get paid?

          A typical cleaning salary is anywhere from £12,000 to £16,000 per annum.

          What qualifications does a Cleaner need?

          There are no formal education requirements, practical skills and reliability are a must though.

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