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          Helping you find a career as a Junior Management Consultant

          Management Consultants help organisations solve issues and improve their performance. A Junior Management Consultant is an entry-level role. They work under the leadership of senior staff. Through time, the area of responsibility for the junior consultant is expanded and they can to progress to become a senior consultant.

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          What does a Junior Management Consultant do?

          Junior Management Consultants supports the senior consultant in carrying out research and conducting analysis. A junior consultant may help an organisation comply with the health and safety regulations set out by the law. A typical day for a Junior Management Consultant will involve:

          • Preparing business presentations
          • Carrying out research to understand the organisation
          • Interviewing the client's staff members
          • Running workshops
          • Identifying speculative problems and finding solutions (this strategy is in place just in case these hypothetical problems occur in real life)
          • Implementing solutions and making sure the organisation knows how to carry them out
          • Keeping clients informed about progress and other decisions
          Useful Skills for Junior Management Consultants
          • Excellent team working skills
          • Good writing skills
          • Sociable
          • Confident communicator
          • Ability to work well under pressure and reach set deadlines
          • An understanding of business environments
          • Strong analytical skills
          • Ability to problem solve and plan strategically
          What hours do Junior Management Consultants typically work?

          Junior Management Consultants are expected to work long hours, usually beyond the 9 am - 5 pm day. Extra work is expected when working with large companies and when a deadline is approaching.

          What environments are Junior Management Consultants based in?

          An office. However, after a few years experience, freelance work is possible when the consultant has a lot of experience and strong contacts under their belt. This means you become self-employed and can work for different companies rather than being a permanent staff member of one organisation. If this is the case, the work base shifts between an office and home.

          How much do Junior Management Consultants get paid?

          Starting salaries for Junior Management Consultants range between £25,000 to £30,000 per annum.

          After five years' experience, an Associate Consultant can expect to earn up to £50,000 per annum.

          Management Consultants receive salaries between £75,000 to £125,000 per annum.

          What qualifications are needed to become a Junior Management Consultant?

          A 2:1 at degree level is usually required for this role and firms favour applicants with numerical or analytical degree subjects such as Math, Finance and Economics.

          Some firms take into account the university rank and expect their applicants to have graduated from a Russell Group university or equivalent.

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