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          Helping you find a career in the psychotherapist industry

          A psychotherapist helps to treat individuals who are experiencing emotional and psychological problems. They work with a patient to get to the root of these issues and outline coping methods through which the patient can live unimpeded by these issues.

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          What does a Psychotherapist do?

          Your duties will include:

          • Meeting with clients both new and old
          • Scheduling therapy sessions
          • Performing therapy sessions in a clinical environment
          • Making notes on diagnosis, progress and therapy plan for individuals
          • Making referrals to other medical professions
          • Using verbal interaction to explore the relevant behaviours, attitudes and emotions of each patient
          • Carry out hypno-psychotherapy
          • Construct personal therapy progress plans for each client that will help them to understand and address their inner conflicts
          • Working with a multidisciplinary team to develop proper methods for helping a patient
          Skills & interests required for a Psychotherapist
          • Great listening skills
          • Patience
          • Observation
          • Sensitivity
          • Sincerity
          • Empathy and ability to build rapport with others
          • Excellent interpersonal skills
          • Resilience
          What hours does a Psychotherapist typically do?

          Your working hours are likely to be Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm, but depending what kind of environment you work in, you may be expected to work extended working days. If you are employed by a residential setting, then you may be required to work shifts.

          What environment is a Psychotherapist based in?

          You could work in a variety of clinical environment, such as the NHS, student health services, psychoanalytical institutes, child guidance clinics, special needs schools, psychiatric units and private consultancies.

          How much does a Psychotherapist travel?

          It is unlikely that you will need to travel within a working day, be absent from home at night or work overseas in this role.

          How much does a Psychotherapist get paid?

          Starting salaries for a trainee psychotherapist range from £26,250 to £35,250 per annum, and qualified psychotherapists can expect salaries in excess of £55,000 with a lot of experience.

          What qualifications does a Psychotherapist need?

          Entry with an Higher National Diploma (HND) only is not possible for this position, so you will be expected to have a degree of any discipline. Work experience in a relevant field will also be expected, for instance, social work, mental health professions, psychology and psychiatry.

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