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HybrIT was originally formed in 2015 to deliver C-level business consulting and director services to the SME market and IT channel. As an experienced IT director and business owner the founder, Paul Forkgen saw that there was a distinct shortage of IT Directors available to small to medium sized businesses which don't require or have the budget for a full-time IT director. Many companies offer an 'encompassing' or 'Virtual' service but this is largely supplementing the function not providing an actual C-level resource which has the knowledge and experience to perform the role and sit on a board of directors.

After initial engagements at this level it was obvious that to find excellent IT services partners to deliver a customer focussed IT service was difficult and sometimes expensive for SME budgets. Complexity driven by multiple suppliers for multiple IT aspects drove up cost and management overhead. 

It was therefore a natural conclusion to expand HybrIT to deliver more services to compliment the IT Director service. 

Our ethos which is driven from the owners and management team is that every customer matters. We therefore treat every customer the same regardless of their size or budget. With this attitude, we drive long term relationships, repeat business and growth through reputation.

Every small business has the potential to become a medium sized business in the future, every medium sized business can become a large enterprise in the future. Let's grow together!!


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