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AWE - Atomic Weapons Establishment Graduate Jobs

Life at AWE - Atomic Weapons Establishment for graduates

Working together to keep our world safe and secure, we deliver warheads for the UK's deterrent, and use our unique nuclear expertise to support national security.

AWE plays a crucial role in national defence. We have been at the forefront of the UK nuclear deterrence programme for more than 60 years. Supporting the UK's Continuous At Sea Deterrence programme and national nuclear security are at the heart of what we do.

Our team of world-renowned scientists, engineers and specialists undertake critical work, providing and maintaining warheads for Royal Navy submarines - everything from design and manufacture to in-service support and decommissioning.

Our unique nuclear skills and expertise means that we are also able to provide intelligence and support to the UK Government by developing innovative solutions to combat nuclear threat, terrorism and nuclear proliferation. We also have a team dedicated to providing 24/7 emergency response support.

Today, AWE is recognised as a centre of scientific, engineering and technological excellence, equipped with some of the most advanced research, design and production facilities in the world.

AWE works under contract to the Ministry of Defence through a government-owned-contractor-operated arrangement (GOCO).

Working at AWE

You could be part of a unique team supporting the defence and security of the United Kingdom - something AWE has done with pride for more than 60 years. Working with us is exciting and challenging - in fact it's everything you would expect from a company that supports national security.

Jobs are varied and diverse - from technical roles in engineering, science, manufacturing and industrial work to business roles in areas such as administration, commercial, human resources and facilities management.

And just as diverse as the jobs and people, is the range of buildings and facilities here - from the original control tower when Aldermaston was a military airfield to state-of-the-art world class research and technology facilities.

Our graduate opportunities

As graduate careers go, we offer some unique opportunities. How many give you the chance to contribute to the defence of the UK or to join the nation's largest high-tech research, development and production facility? At AWE, you can do both.

Our work to keep the world safe and secure is supported by some of the most advanced research and technology facilities and one of the largest supercomputers in existence. And you'll be able to work with and learn from some of the most experienced people in their specialist fields.

Proud to be different

As a graduate, you'll join us in a permanent job. Our Graduate Development Scheme fits around you and your role - giving you a wealth of opportunity to work on live projects as well as continuing training and development in your chosen field. What better way to further your career and professional development on top of maximising your future potential within the company.

Reap the rewards

We hope that by working with us, you'll get complete job satisfaction, as well as the excitement of working in a role that challenges you and makes a difference. We will support you with the help you'll need, training to advance your skills even further as well as a host of rewards and benefits.

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