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          Helping you find a career in the business management industry

          Business management is about providing advice, skills and support to businesses. It's also about improving the efficiency, performance and profits of companies.

          Businesses need advice and support on a range of issues including operational management, strategy and planning, human resources, financial management and environment.

          As a consultant, it's likely you'll be based on the client's site. You're likely to be tasked with analysing the business strategy and structure through detailed observations and analyses. You might have to collect data and review records and reports before offering recommendations and solutions to improve the business.

          Business consultants often focus on a particular area depending on their expertise. Some larger consultancies may take a more holistic approach, analysing each section of the business and suggesting company-wide solutions.

          It's a varied job that requires confidence and tenacity. It can also be very rewarding both professionally and financially.

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          Skills & interests required for a career in Business management

          To be successful, you'll need to be motivated, a strong leader, and dedicated to achieving strategic goals.

          Other essentials skills include:

          • Communication Problem solving Numeracy skills Analytical ability IT skills Knowledge of business practices Diplomacy Persuasion Commercial awareness
          Tips for getting into the field

          The business management field is both competitive and lucrative, so knowing what employers are looking for before you apply for roles is essential.

          A strong head for maths and a clear and defined logical approach are key.

          There are also a large number of general, non-industry-related things you can do to put yourself in a good position to start applying for jobs. These include:

          • Tailoring your CV for each specific role - make sure you focus on previous experience and relevant skills
          • Applying for internships and/or work experience - to gain experience, skills and show commitment to the industry Take on similar roles - during the holidays or whilst you apply for higher-level roles after graduation See what the top companies in the field require - start by looking for case studies from the big firms, and note what backgrounds and skills their current employees have
          • Use your contacts - university professors, those you met on work experience, people you can approach through social media or LinkedIn - they're all potentially the stepping stone to your next role, and they might be happy to help you
          What qualifications do I need for a career in Business management?

          The best qualification you can take to further your business career is a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

          The majority of those taking MBAs have worked professionally for at least a couple of years beforehand. In a lot of cases, and especially with big companies, your employer may want you to have an MBA and will support you with this after you've worked with them for a few years.

          Taking an MBA is a big commitment. It takes two years to complete if you study full time. However, if your employer sponsors you to complete the qualification, you're likely to be working at the same time so it will take significantly longer to complete.