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          Helping you find a career in the human resources officer industry

          The role of a human resources officer is to ensure that the employees in your company are treated fairly and in line with the law. This can involve developing policies, dealing with problems and ensuring compliance with existing legislation.

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          What does a Human resources officer do?

          Day-to-day, you will be:

          • Recruiting new staff
          • Training existing staff
          • Dealing with pay and benefits
          • Helping staff with problems, both professional and personal
          • Complying with health and safety
          • Creating new policies for staff
          • Planning for future staff needs
          What skills and interests should an Human resources officer have?
          • Interpersonal skills
          • Written and verbal communication
          • Conflict resolution
          • Attention to detail
          • Ability to keep matters confidential
          What hours does a Human resources officer typically do?

          Human resources officers can expect to work between 35 and 40 hours a week across the working week of 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

          What environment is a Human resources officer based in?

          An office.

          How much does a Human resources officer travel?

          Although typically you will be based in an office with little travel, human resources officers in large companies may be expected to travel occasionally for training purposes.

          How much does a Human resources officer get paid?

          The average entry level salary for human resources officers is between £18,000 and £25,000 a year.

          Those who then go on to become human resources managers can expect an increase of between £25,000 and £50,000 a year, with some in large companies earning even more.

          What qualifications does a Human resources officer need?

          Although there are no official education requirements to become a human resources officer, many employers expect candidates to have a degree.

          Having said this, in some companies it is still possible to enter the profession by taking an administrative level job and working your way up.

          Useful subjects to study at school & university
          • Human resources management
          • Business