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          Helping you find a career in the land surveyor industry

          As a land surveyor you will measure and collect data on specific areas of land (e.g. information about boundaries, buildings and features, both natural and man-made).

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          What does a Land surveyor do?

          A land surveyor's daily responsibilities might include:

          • Making use of geographical information systems (GIS) to analyse and interpret site features
          • Producing detailed reports
          • Using a range of equipment to produce surveys. E.g. GPS
          • Analysing information ready to pass on to other professionals
          • Measuring the ground
          • Gathering data on the earth's physical features and man-made elements through surveys
          • Processing data
          • Digitally mapping plans
          • Interpreting data though maps, charts and plans
          • Utilising data from a range of resources. E.g. Aerial photography, satellite surveys and laser beam measuring systems
          • Using computer-aided design (CAD) to present information
          • Keeping up-to-date with new and emerging technology
          • Providing advice to clients
          • Managing projects from start to finish
          What skills and interests should an Land surveyor have?

          A land surveyor will be expected to have a mixture of solid technical skills (e.g. working with geographical information systems: GIS, and with computer-assisted design - CAD - software). You will be expected to know how to conduct a geographical survey as well as to interpret its results.

          What hours does a Land surveyor typically do?

          Working hours are mainly 9am to 5pm, but this largely depends on where you are based.

          What environment is a Land surveyor based in?

          Surveyors are both office and site-based. You must expect to spend a good part of your time working outdoors.

          How much does a Land surveyor travel?

          You will frequently find that you are working away from home, whether it is elsewhere in the UK or anywhere around the world, as overseas work is widely available.

          How much does a Land surveyor get paid?

          Starting salaries for land surveyors range between £20,000 and £25,000 per annum, with experience and chartered status, this can rise to between £25,000 and £45,000.

          Once you are at a senior position that includes more responsibility and management, surveyors can earn up to £70,000 per year.

          Perks & benefits
          • The chance to travel, with expenses paid for by the company
          • Performance bonuses
          What qualifications does a Land surveyor need?

          You will normally need a degree in a relevant subject. Some companies may offer apprenticeship schemes for those without degrees, although these are rarer.

          Useful subjects to study at school & university
          • Civil or structural engineering
          • Earth science
          • Environmental science
          • Geology
          • Geography or physical geography
          • Land or estate surveying
          • Mathematics
          • Physics
          Further reading

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