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Graduate Secondary School Teacher Jobs

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    Secondary school teacher
        Secondary school teacher
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        £10 - £100 per hour
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        Helping you find a career in the secondary school teacher industry

        You will be teaching students aged 11-19 the approved national curriculum subjects that see students through GCSEs and A-levels.

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        What does a Secondary school teacher do?

        As a secondary school teacher, your duties will include:

        • Preparing lesson plans and teaching pupils in compliance with the national curriculum
        • Exploring ways that you can impart specific knowledge using creative, interactive and engaging teaching methods
        • Marking pupils' work and providing feedback, constructive criticism, encouragement and support
        • Following the success of individual students through regular assignments and tests
        • Putting on extra classes for revision purposes
        • Organising educational and/or extra-curricular activities or trips
        • Organising meetings with parents to discuss the progress of pupils with parents
        • Attending and prepare parents' evenings.
        • You may have to provide counselling and guidance to students with learning difficulties
        • Liaising with other professionals and making student referrals (e.g. Speech and language therapist, tutors and social services)
        What skills and interests should an Secondary school teacher have?

        Secondary school teachers need to be passionate about both the subject(s) they teach and also about helping young minds develop and grow, both academically and personally. It is a highly responsible position, and good teachers can make a huge impact on their pupils' lives. While their knowledge of and passion for the subjects they teach is hugely important, secondary school teachers quite often have significant pastoral responsibilities for their pupils. You may need to deal with challenging, emotionally-charged situations, and it is important that you remain aware of your duty of care at all times.

        What hours does a Secondary school teacher typically do?

        Teachers work 39 weeks out of 52, with early starts that are typically 8am to 4pm. However, administrative work, extracurricular activities and marking may require you to extend your working day.

        What environment is a Secondary school teacher based in?

        In a school or college.

        How much does a Secondary school teacher travel?

        Travel is possible as a teacher, but it is fairly limited to school trips.

        How much does a Secondary school teacher get paid?

        Newly-qualified teachers start their careers on £21,588 per annum, with higher pay expected in London. As you progress throughout your career, your salary can increase towards £31,552 and £36,387. Heads of Departments can expect to earn £42,447 on average, while Head teachers average £55,700 in the UK.

        Salaries in private schools can be significantly higher, although competition for roles is fierce and you will often require significant teaching experience before being considered for a position.

        Perks & benefits

        13 weeks holiday out of 52 weeks.

        What qualifications does a Secondary school teacher need?

        Secondary school teachers in the state sector in the UK require undergraduate degrees in subjects closely related to what they will be teaching (e.g. a Politics teacher will be expected to hold a degree in Politics, History or Economics).

        You will need to obtain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in England and Wales or a Teaching Qualification (TQ) in Scotland.

        Useful subjects to study at school & university
        • Education
        • English
        • Mathematics
        • PGCE

        Teachers for science subjects are in particular demand at the moment.

        Further reading

        Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association
        Chartered College of Teaching
        National Union of Teachers (NUT)