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About us

When yogurt-loving Ludwig Müller first established his little Bavarian village dairy back in 1896, he could scarcely have imagined the staggering success it was to become. Today his grandson Theo runs a hugely successful business, making it possible for people across Europe to enjoy the great taste of Müller.

When Theo Müller took control of the family business in 1970, he recognised that the local popularity of his dairy's brands could be translated into national success if he improved the recipes and gave the products some heavyweight marketing support. Clever. The company began to grow very quickly, and in 1980 launched an innovative snack with fruit sauce and dairy rice in the same container – the genesis of Müller Rice. This unique combination of convenience and taste proved very popular and in the 1980s the dairy launched its famous twin-pot with yogurt and fruit that would be soon known and loved around the world as Müller Corner.

Our Experience / Expertise

The success of Müller Dairy has come from many different angles, from it’s recognition as a Superbrand in the FMCG market to engagement with local farmers who supply the all important milk that makes the delicious yogurts and chilled desserts and a commitment to reducing waste and carbon from the Shropshire dairy where it all happens.

Our Vision

"To bring sustainable dairy goodness from the heart of Shropshire for the good of everyone." And over the last 18 years we've been doing just that. We believe that this effort has led to stronger relationships with our local farmers, better quality Müller products and happier customers.


Market Drayton, Shropshire

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