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Office for National Statistics Graduate Jobs

Life at Office for National Statistics for graduates

Accurate and independent statistics are at the heart of informed decision-making across society and the economy. The information we produce at ONS is used by local and central government to make decisions that touch the lives of everyone in the UK – from the number of teachers and school places, to the provision of healthcare for the elderly.

Businesses use our statistics to assess the health of the economy and to understand trends and changes in economic indicators. And our work contributes to an understanding of society by the people who live in it – both businesses and people like you.

The accuracy and quality of the information we collect, analyse and publish is evidence of our attention to detail. We work to a strict Code of Practice, overseen by the National Statistician.

Our researchers and statisticians work in one of five directorates:

  • Surveys and Administrative Sources
  • Economic, Labour and Social Analysis
  • Population, Health and Regional Analysis Census, and
  • Methodology

Because the people who work here are so important to us, we are keen to encourage personal development. So whether you’ve been working with statistics for some time, or you’re new to the industry, we can offer you the opportunity to play your part in producing data and research that are easy to access, analyse and understand: the information that provides the building blocks of an open and transparent society.

If you use official statistics, you’re probably already familiar with a number of our surveys. We have some exciting opportunities to contribute to the ongoing success of outputs such as Census, GDP and Demography.

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