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Oxfam GB Graduate Jobs

Life at Oxfam GB for graduates

Oxfam...What springs to mind? Charity shops and second-hand clothes? Donkeys from our Oxfam Unwrapped gift catalogue, bought for people in far-flung lands? They're part of the picture. But think bigger. Much bigger. Big enough for 99 per cent of the great British public to have heard of us.Human first. Amazing Second.Oxfam is a vibrant global movement of dedicated people fighting poverty. Together. People power drives everything we do. From saving lives and developing projects that put poor people in charge of their lives and livelihoods, to campaigning for change that lasts. That's Oxfam in action.Oxfam fights poverty in three ways:Campaigning for Change Poverty isn't just about lack of resources. In a wealthy world it's about bad decisions made by powerful people. Oxfam campaigns hard, putting pressure on leaders for real lasting change.Development Work  Poor people can take control, solve their own problems, and rely on themselves - with the right support. Fighting poverty, we fund long-term work worldwide.Emergency Response  People need help in an emergency - fast. We save lives, swiftly delivering aid, support and protection; and we help people prepare for future crises.Volunteering with OxfamDedicated people are Oxfam's greatest asset in its mission to overcome poverty and suffering throughout the world.Apart from wanting to work with others to overcome poverty and suffering, people are inspired and motivated to work for Oxfam for different reasons. From developing skills to developing friendships, to expressing your passion and ideas, there are ways for everyone to be a part of Oxfam's work. And whatever your reason, we'll convert your precious time into lifesaving work around the world.

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