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Benefits of a work placement

Updated on 03 June 2020

More and more employers are looking for candidates with both academic achievements and experience, and that's exactly what work placements can help you with.

A work placement can offer you plenty of real benefits for progressing into your chosen career. You might think you know a lot about your dream profession, but won't truly know what it's really like until you've actually tried it. The proof is in the pudding!

Benefits of a work placement

Improved job opportunities

Work placements offer the perfect opportunity to gain work experience whilst studying. A work placement on your CV can boost your chances of getting hired.

In higher education, you can do a sandwich degree where your studies will be 'sandwiched' around a work placement which often last a full year. A sandwich course is ideal for matching your academic learning with hands-on experience.

Work in a team

Teamwork is essential in every type of job. During a work placement, it's likely you'll be working with other people. This is a good opportunity to develop your teamwork and interpersonal skills and become a more rounded and attractive candidate.

Get clued up

As well as giving you a taste for the job, work placements can also give you an insight into how the industry is working and developing. This knowledge will help you stand out from the crowd.

Better grades

The skills and knowledge you gain during a work placement can often be directly applied to your studies. If they're applied correctly, you can improve your grades. This will help you progress to the next stage of your career path more effectively.

Chance of a job offer

If you perform well on a work placement, you might be offered a job at the company after your placement ends.

Even if you don't get offered a job, placements are a good way to network and build connections in the industry. The people you meet may be able to help you enter and progress into your chosen career.

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