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Life at China Internship Placements (CIP) for work placements

What we do differently: The Best Internship in China Program    Program Features:  

Internship Placements in a sector of your Choice, sharpen your skills and develop your Job Application portfolio under supervision Internship combined with Mentoring and Coaching to shape your next steps and brand you for the Job market. Interact with experts from the silicon Valley and Wall Street Explore China like a local, learn Chinese language make friends from all over the world and network into China's Business community Join our Alumni group for Job connections and Job Database

  Intern with Multinational organizations, learn Chinese Language, attend networking events and business seminars and visit cultural and historical sites while in China. CIP's program combines expert-level advice from Silicon Valley and Wall-Street know-how to give you perspective that will help you nail high level job interviews, and start your job on the right foot.  As more and more international companies enter the Chinese market, having experience in the Chinese market as a graduate sets you apart from the competition.   For over 4,000 participants that have been through our China Internship and Study Abroad Programs, CIP played a pivotal role in their career Development. China Internship Placements (CIP) is and remains their best option and our services stand tall among all others. We have evolved and defied the tenets of Traditional Internships and have applied Research and Development in designing the contents of all our programs. This makes our programs generate highest value for money for participants.

We position you to take advantage of global opportunities before during and after joining our Internship and Study Abroad Programs in China. We prepare you to take advantage of opportunities in Asia in order to expand your Job prospects. Don't limit yourself the world is huge! Aside the internship, you will be attending Business Seminars and Networking events in order to build personal connections and meet Chinese Business people As an intern, you will experience deep cultural immersion and learn China language. Our In-house orientations will expose you to business ethics and cultural issues related to doing business with Chinese Job roles and descriptions are designed to whip out the genius in you! You will work on real projects with performance appraisal and on the Job Mentoring Our China Internship Program includes Premium Entrepreneurship Training where participants are professionally tutored by seasoned Expats who have made it in China. Career Coaching and Mentoring are professionally administered for a complete transformation of all participants. If you are looking to get the best in your International internship program, then our China Internship Program is the best for you! If you are looking to broaden your horizon about opportunities in the world, travel and know China best, and on the overall get transformed and immersed, look nowhere else than China Internship Placements (CIP) LLC

  About China Internship Placements (CIP) LLP   China Internship Placements LLC is one of the biggest China Internship and Cultural Immersion Providers. With over a decade of experience in training young graduates and university students, we we got the resources, connections and network of Multinational organizations to serve as many career expectations as possible. CIP prepares you not only for the job market, but also to be change maker of the 21st century. We combine service components that's are tailored to your career development and personal growth. We also lay emphasis on adequate exposure to Chinese business ethics and opportunities   We are exposed to the most extended network of Human Resource Managers with over 1000 multinational companies made of fortune 500 organizations as well as big Chinese Companies and Other International organizations and start-ups. We have a comprehensive package for various programs such as:

Internships Intensive Chinese Language Programs Gap Year, High School Affordable Volunteering and Other travel and Immersion programs.

  With all, we apply utmost dedication and support. Over the years, we have successfully hosted more than 6000 participants (All programs). For us, it is an opportunity to Change lives and we always remain grateful. We are a preferred choice for young graduates, High School Students, Young Adults, Families and Groups, parents, Career Advisors etc.   We pushed our mission so hard and we have stretched our skills and resources to making sure we assemble the best and most professional team with quality talents to help whoever falls into our hands. Our staffs remain dedicated and reliable.   China Internship Placements currently have 38 full time employees and 20 part time staff working all around the globe to ensure we deliver the best.   CIP wish to revolutionize International Internships and Study Abroad Programs to reflect the highest level of professionalism and quality guaranteeing peak value through investment into our participants' future. We adopt the most effective means to deliver the cheapest and most affordable opportunities for young people to develop their talents and learn.   Internships Sectors:

Accounting and Finance Information Technology and Computer Science Supply Chain International Trade and Marketing Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, etc) Fashion and Textile Media and Public Relations Strategic Marketing and sales Insurance and Risk Human Resource Law Consultancy (All Areas) Tourism and Hospitality Management And many more interesting areas 

    Our Commitment to Trust and Transparency - The process   Our program's Terms and conditions are flexible and does not bind applicants. Our philosophy is simple " if you don't like our service, you get 100% refund Period!!   We require only $250 (fully refundable) deposit for the process to kick start and we only demand full payment when all else is settled and applicants are happy to come to China.   Our Promise   We are aware of the negative experiences that Study Abroad and Internship Participants have gone through and we are committed to 0% negative review (Which we have achieved) so we do not take participant satisfaction for granted. With us, the participant is KEY to our survival.   Hot Positions Opened!

Asset Manager and Trading Assistant Financial Analyst Investment Banking Analyst Marketing Strategist with the Chamber of Commerce Events, Branding and Public Relations International Trade and Logistics Embedded Flight Controller Development Engineer - Drone Manufacturing Firm Research, Design and Projects Manager - Drone Manufacturing Firm Embedded Telecom Software Engineer - Drone Manufacturing Firm C++ Engineer - Drone Manufacturing Firm General Manager's Assistant - Accounting Engineering Project Management - Robot Manufacturing Firm Office and Administrative Associate Hotel Management Trainee Business Development Sales NGO Management and Community Based Organizations Environmental Research and Policy Management

  ...and so much more: we have placements into all major sectors. Apply for a free consultation today on our website!    

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