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Camp ROMANIA Work Placements

Life at Camp ROMANIA for work placements

DAD International UK Romania is a non-profit charity organisation and is an official partner of the Romanian Ministry for Education & Research. Our mission is to provide the highest possible quality summer and winter activity and learning programmes in Romania, in order to meet the needs of both the Romanian and UK  communities. We have been operating for many successful years now in Romania and the UK. With a highly trained staff and dedicated group of volunteers we have proven to be a charity with a different approach and one that is here to stay. The team is more like a community, offering a very supportive network of staff who are happy to help any prospective volunteers, administrators and any other participants. We offer a flexible programme and strive on a professional outlook within a relaxed environment. We don't just teach English! Many subjects and areas are taught during the Learning Camps, and we are proud of our varied and extensive programme of other activities, which includes excursions to many historical and beautiful parts of Romania, out-of-class activities like sports, dance, drama and music, and so much more. The children leave school for summer and want a fun holiday, while the parents and teachers want them to keep on learning. At DAD International  we offer the best in both aspects. We believe in the idea of recreation with education.

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