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          Helping you find a career in business management & consulting

          All you need to know about business management and consulting

          Business management and consulting is centred on the operations, structure and management of an organisation. The purpose of the industry is to identify and implement changes to the structure of a business to ultimately make it more successful. This could be in response to an issue or problem, or as part of the ongoing development of a business.

          Within business management you can specialise in an area that you choose such as finance, marketing, operations or human resources. Each of these departments typically has their own manager. Most will start off in an entry level role and then work their way up.

          As your goal will always be to improve the functioning of the business it's one of the key roles in an organisation. It suits those who will enjoy feeling their work is making a tangible difference, are logical thinkers and can cope under pressure.

          Alternatively, many young people choose to work for a consultancy.

          Management consultancies are agencies that analyse a company and how it operates, then use their expertise to highlight areas of improvements in line with the company's goals and objectives. It's a challenging role, as you have to be an expert in your field in order to provide the best advice and create a strategy that will be successful.

          The work is very varied, as you will likely have more than one client at a time and no two businesses are the same. The job requires you to be able to appreciate the collective whole of an organisation, whilst having a keen eye for detail that can spot where changes and improvements can be made.

          The work can be high-pressure as responsibility levels are high and strict deadlines have to be met, which makes this industry notorious for its long hours. However, the rewards are also great with higher starting salaries than most other industries and an earning potential in excess of £150,000. Depending what firm you are with, you could also have an enviable benefits package.

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          Skills & interests required for a career in Business management & consulting

          You need to be a strategic thinker and able to come up with logical solutions to problems in order to succeed in this industry.

          In a consultancy the large majority of your work will be client-based, which means that your customer service skills will need to be impeccable and you will have to maintain a high level of professionalism.

          Whether you work for a singular company or an agency, it's likely you'll work in a team. Strong communication skills and being able to collaborate are must-haves from an employer's point of view.

          Some other key skills that will help you succeed in business management and consultancy are:

          What Business management & consulting work experience do you need?

          Whilst management and consultancy internships do exist, they are not that common. Only a few large companies offer summer internships and even fewer offer year-long placements. In order to strengthen your application for these placements, you might want to get some other experience to prove some key skills that they will be looking for.

          Anything client facing will be useful experience to have, or any role that involves you working with a client brief to deliver results for them, as it'll prove your customer service skills and also that you are results-orientated. To be successful in business management and consulting clients need to be kept happy to ensure repeat business.

          The clue is in the title with ‘management', so if you have any opportunity to lead a team and practice your management skills you should take it.

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