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          Helping you find a career in the hospitality industry

          The hospitality industry involves all sorts of establishments and businesses. You could find yourself working in a five-star restaurant, a hotel or even on an aeroplane! Hospitality includes any sort of customer-facing work which ensures that people are happy and looked after. Air hostesses, chefs and events managers are just some of the positions you'll find in the hospitality industry.

          Customers will expect you to be polite and to have a smile on your face, so you'll need to be an upbeat and energetic person. If you do your job right, your customers could leave with an experience they'll remember forever!

          Hospitality can involve juggling lots of different responsibilities, but it can be hugely satisfying to help make your customers happy. What's more, there are positions in hospitality all around the world. You'll always have a new challenge so you'll rarely be bored: no day is the same as any other!

          Working in hospitality could mean working in a restaurant, a fast food outlet, a hotel, a night club or just about anywhere where there are customers looking to enjoy their free time. Whatever your personal interests are, there will be a place in hospitality that will suit you.

          Hospitality also presents a lot of opportunity to work your way up through the industry. Working as an air hostess will give you the skills you may need to work in another part of the hospitality industry, and often, with hard work, your superiors will recognise your developing skills. This can lead to promotions and new opportunities.

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          Skills & interests you'll need

          At its core, hospitality is all about helping customers, so you'll need to be someone who likes working with people. Compassion, patience and attention to detail are therefore essential qualities for an individual looking for a career in hospitality. The best hospitality workers are able to anticipate what a customer needs before the customer does, so it helps to be proactive.

          Hospitality can be a fast-moving work environment, so an ability to think fast and on your feet is a vital characteristic for an applicant.

          How to get Hospitality internships, work experience or placements

          Some areas of hospitality will need little direct experience, but a bit of work experience will help you to stand out during the application process. Highlight how roles you may have had outside of hospitality would prepare you for a job in the industry.

          Obviously, some areas of the industry require more direct experience. If you want to be a chef, for example, you'll need a culinary background.

          More advanced roles will require specific training. There are plenty of institutions that will offer certificates and qualifications in particular roles related to hospitality. Often, you may also receive training as you work through the ranks as well.

          Some degrees, such as hotel or events management, can help you to stand out when applying for higher level positions. This will provide you with the practical skills you'll need for such roles.

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