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          Helping you find a career in media

          Media surrounds us all the time and there are teams of people who make it happen. From newspapers, to billboard advertisements, to magazines, to social media, to the radio - it's all produced and managed by people who have specialised in the media industry. If the idea of being a part of making the everyday culture that surrounds us excites you, then this could be the industry for you.

          The media sector can be a notoriously difficult industry to get into, particularly areas such as journalism and radio, but building a portfolio of work and starting to network as soon as possible will give you the best chances in this industry. A work placement will help you stand out among others when applying for a permanent role.

          Unless you work in an established organisation, such as a publishing house, the progression routes for careers in media can be a little unclear. There is no set way to progress, you just have to ensure that you demonstrate your capabilities where possible and slowly take on more responsibility within your role.

          When you start out, you will probably have to do a series of short-term placements and contracts to build up your experience. This is very common within the media sector.

          The media industry changes at breakneck speed and is always experimenting with new forms, new technology and techniques. This can be challenging, as it'll require constant adaptation to keep up with the pace, but also makes it an incredibly exciting career choice. Many jobs that currently exist in media, such as positions in social media, did not even exist ten years ago!

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          Skills & interests required for a career in Media

          To work in media you must be socially aware, creative and commercially savvy. You must also be determined, as the industry is very competitive and a at least some setbacks will be inevitable.

          What Media work experience do you need?

          The beauty of this industry is that creativity is highly valued, which can open up a lot of routes to get your foot through the door. The boom in social media and writing platforms over the last decade is enabling individuals to showcase their talent more easily than ever. If you feel like you have something creative to offer, make sure you set up on the relevant platforms to show it off.

          You will also benefit from any first-hand experience of a media environment. Try contacting your local newspaper, or radio station, to secure some work experience. Once there, make yourself useful in whatever way possible and get involved wherever you can. You may find that you have to do some boring tasks, but engaging with other members of staff and making yourself useful will help you to be remembered. When you leave, make sure to engage with former colleagues via social media platforms and stay in touch - you never know when your paths might cross again!

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