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          Helping you find a career in the nuclear engineering industry

          The nuclear industry requires highly trained individuals. Almost everyone in the industry will have a science or engineering degree, with a third of employees also having a masters degree. But the upside is that the nuclear industry is about to start looking for a lot of new talented employees. A lot of nuclear plants are ending their life cycle, so they'll need to be decommissioned, and new plants will be needed to replace them. This means there will be a lot more jobs coming up for people looking for a well paid and exciting career!

          The workforce for the nuclear industry is also aging, so a lot of positions are opening up for younger people.

          Nuclear energy accounts for around 20% of the UK's electricity, and as a more green alternative to fossil fuel-based power plants, we'll probably see a lot more of nuclear power plants being built over the next few decades.

          There are roles for scientists, engineers, designers and much more in the nuclear industry. Safety is also a big concern, so they're always looking for specialists in that area too.

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          Skills & interests you'll need

          As you will need a degree in science or engineering to work in the nuclear industry, you'll probably have some experience of the science that underlies the industry. However, as there are few degrees that specialise solely in nuclear energy, many companies will also provide in-house specialist training to round out your skills and knowledge.

          You'll need a passion for science and engineering and an understanding of the fundamental concepts of both disciplines. You'll need to be logical and able to tackle complex problems quickly and effectively, but your degree will prepare you for this.

          Nuclear energy can be very dangerous, so it's essential you're able to work in a team and follow any rules. These rules will often be put in place for you own safety and others. You'll need a firm grasp of the health and safety regulations governing your role.

          A lot of the work in the nuclear sector will involve analysis using sophisticated software packages, so you'll need to be familiar with using various scientific and modelling computer software.

          Science moves fast, so you'll need to keep up to date with the latest scientific developments.

          How to get Nuclear engineering internships, work experience or placements

          Nuclear power plants can be dangerous places, so it's not like you can just turn up and ask to shadow someone! A high class and relevant degree will be most essential.

          Any work you can get in any other scientific or engineering field will also help greatly.

          Make sure you work on your interview skills so you can come across as intelligent, confident and personable. As there's little work experience to be found related to the industry before you join, your interview technique will be the most important way to put across your suitability for the job.

          Due to the nature of the work in the nuclear sector, informal work experience programmes do not exist. There are opportunities available for undergraduate students to work at the National Nuclear Laboratory. Alternatively there may be laboratory work placements available at universities across the country - individual universities' websites will outline the programmes they offer.

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