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          Helping you find a career in transport & logistics

          Transport and logistics are responsible for getting everything and everyone around safely. We all rely on the industry to make sure that products are on our shelves and that we can travel around the country via public and private transport.

          Logistics is concerned with the planning and practical side of getting people and products from A to B. In large corporations these systems can be highly complex, possibly involving the importing and exporting of goods internationally that companies rely upon for their daily operations.

          The transport industry controls all the channels that products and passengers use - rail, roads, planes and even sea. It's also responsible for making sure our transport infrastructures are able to meet the demands of the people that use them. By working in transport planning and management, you'd be planning the development of our transport systems to make sure that they are sustainable - a highly important job.

          The industry has a wide range of opportunities available to suit those with all different skill sets. You could work in an office doing marketing, planning or finance within transport and logistics. There is also a range of more practical work available, such as delivering goods and warehouse management.

          Transport and logistics can be quite a stressful industry because of its high levels of responsibility and the quick responses that are required for when things go wrong. The decisions that you make will have a direct impact on a lot of people and you'll have the rewarding feeling of being an instrumental part of a successful business.

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          Skills & interests required for a career in Transport & logistics

          Transport and logistics rely on planning, organisation and being able to see the wider impact of the decisions that you're making. Often, you'll need to be able to understand the full operation, be able to respond quickly to problems and be able to appreciate any knock-on effects that an issue in one area will have on another area.

          For some of the roles, like a HGV vehicle driver, you will need to have the relevant qualifications and license.

          Other roles may require you to manage people, conduct research or interpret data.

          You'll also likely have to liaise with many different people and departments to ensure that everything is on schedule, so good communication skills are essential.

          What Transport & logistics work experience do you need?

          Working at any level of the supply chain and logistics process will enable you to appreciate how all the different departments fit together and are dependent on one another.

          Any work experience in warehouses or the administration side of transport and logistics will help you stand out when applying for a work placement or job. Try contacting local companies in your area and ask for work experience, or even a part-time job.

          Experience that demonstrates planning and organisation abilities will help to set you apart from other candidates, even if it is not directly connected to transport and logistics. You could get involved with event planning, for example, as the required skill set is very similar.

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