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    Business management & consulting
        Business management & consulting
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        Baltic Apprenticeships
        £22,000 per annum
        Added today
        Brighton College
        Added 2 days ago
        Quest Search and Selection Ltd
        Added 2 days ago
        £40,000 per annum
        Added 3 days ago
        £60,000 per annum
        Added 3 days ago
        MTD Training
        £30,000 per annum
        Added 4 days ago
        Baltic Apprenticeships
        Orton Northgate
        £18,000 per annum
        Added 8 days ago
        Baltic Apprenticeships
        Port Clarence
        £22,000 per annum
        Added 8 days ago
        Reed Talent Solutions
        £23,152 per annum
        Added 15 days ago
        Personnel Selection
        £23,000 - £26,000 per annum
        Added 15 days ago

        Helping you find a career in business management & consulting

        Business management consultancies provide expert advice to companies. They aim to improve efficiency, performance and profits of their clients They tend to provide advice on areas like human resources (HR), strategy and planning, and financial management.

        If you're employed by a company, it's likely you'll be based within their offices or sites. This will help you get a feel of how they operate.

        Your work is likely to involve in-depth data collection, speaking to employees and reviewing records and reports. You'll offer advice on how to implement changes to tackle the problems the company is experiencing.

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        Which skills are needed for a career in business management & consulting?

        To be successful in this sector, you'll need to be motivated, organised, a good leader and dedicated to achieving strategic goals.

        Foreign language skills are also highly valued (but not essential), as many firms work with international clients.

        What are typical career progression routes within business management & consulting?

        The business management & consulting industry has a variety of career paths available to school leavers, including many reputable apprenticeships across the UK.

        You're likely to start your post-apprenticeship career as a business analyst or junior consultant. You can then become an associate consultant before going on to becoming a consultant.

        What career development opportunities are available in the business management & consulting industry?

        If you've finished an apprenticeship in business management & consulting, you could contemplate going on to university afterwards in order to enhance your professional standing.

        Whilst some companies are open to supporting young talent straight after they finish school, others will require you to have a degree in order to progress within the business management sector. You should look at the requirements of different companies carefully to see whether further qualifications would suit your career aspirations.

        How much do business management & consulting professionals get paid?

        Apprentices under the age of 19 will earn a minimum hourly salary of £4.15 in the first year of their apprenticeship.

        Those over the age of 19 will earn the National Minimum Wage which totals to around £165 - £240 per week.

        Keep in mind, many larger consultancies can afford to pay their apprenticeships significantly more than the national minimum wage. In fact, this industry is known for paying its staff exceptionally well.

        Average salaries for the overarching roles in the industry, including benefits and bonuses, are as follows:

        • Junior consultant: £44,645
        • Senior consultant: £63,074
        • Manager: £85,678
        • Senior manager: £115,744
        • Partner: £168,745
        What qualifications do I need for a business management & consulting career?

        You'll typically need GCSEs (or A-levels) to a relatively high standard.

        To get a job in the business consultancy and management sector as a school leaver, it's a good idea to undertake a vocational qualification. A diploma, certificate or short course can give you the practical skills you need to get an introductory job in the sector. Professional organisations, as well as colleges, can provide these qualifications.

        Alternatively, you could look at apprenticeships. You'll study and work at the same time. Business management apprenticeships are available at both small companies and large multinational firms.

        Business management & consulting industry bodies

        Institute of Consulting
        Chartered Institute of Management Consultants
        Management Consultants Association
        Chartered Institute of Business Administration

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