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          Helping you find a career in the business management industry

          As a business management professional, you'll guide and provide advice to businesses and steer them in the right direction.

          You'll offer support to businesses in the areas they most require it. This could include strategies and planning, human resources, financial management and environment.

          As a consultant, you'll typically work on the client's side and analyse a business from an objective, third-party perspective. You'll then suggest improvements that could be made to help the business achieve its goals.

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          Skills & interests required for a career in Business management

          To work within business management, you'll need to be able to quickly grasp complex operational systems and analyse them strategically. Although this is a skill you'll develop on the job, it will help if you have strong problem solving skills to begin with.

          A strong knowledge of business practices is essential in order to provide insightful advice to clients.

          You'll also need good communication skills and have an ability to build up a strong rapport with clients.

          Other skills that will benefit you in business management include:

          Tips for getting into the field

          Business management is a competitive and lucrative field, so it's important to know what employers are looking for before you apply for roles.

          It's essential to have a strong head for maths and a clear and defined logical approach.

          There are also a number of general, non-industry-related things you can do to put yourself in a good position to start applying for jobs. These include:

          Tailoring your CV for each specific role - make sure you focus on previous experience and relevant skills

          Applying for internships and work experience - It'll show you've got experience, you're committed and you've got the practical skills needed for future jobs

          Taking on similar roles - during the holidays or while you apply for higher-level roles after graduation

          Seeing what the top companies in the field require - start by looking for case studies from the big firms, and note what backgrounds and skills their current employees have

          Using your contacts - university professors, those you met on work experience, people you can approach through social media or LinkedIn - they're all potentially the stepping stone to your next role, and they might be happy to help you

          What do Business management professionals get paid?

          For a business consultant, which will likely be your title if you work within an agency, the average salary is £37,640 a year.

          The average salary for a business manager is around £44,000 a year. In this role you will be dedicated to one company or brand.

          Those with a lot of experience in a prestigious firm can earn up to £65,000 a year as a business consultant.

          What qualifications do I need for a career in Business management?

          You'll need a degree to work in business management. Although it's possible to work for a company and work your way up to manager level.

          Agencies will certainly require a degree in a relevant field.

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