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          Helping you find a career in administration

          Most companies and offices require administration assistance to ensure the smooth running of the workplace. This means you could work in administration within most industries, from fashion to chemical engineering, so long as you've got the skill set to succeed.

          The duties of someone working in administration can vary considerably depending on the office you are in. Generally, they are involved with maintaining systems to keep the companies files in order, greeting clients, organising diaries, basic accounts and answering e-mails.

          Most of your work is likely to be based inside an office, but your day-to-day activities will change depending on the demands of the office. You'll likely have set duties alongside having to do ad-hoc tasks, so it's important to be able to be flexible with your work.

          The majority of administration roles will involve communication skills of some kind and most likely you'll be expected to converse via phone, e-mail and in-person.

          Within administration there is the opportunity to develop and become more specialised. For example, you could become a legal or finance administrator, which involves more industry knowledge and in turn makes you more valuable to a company. Many companies offer their employees training in this if you join in an entry-level role.

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          Skills & interests required for a career in Administration

          To be successful in administration you need to be someone who is highly organised and has the ability to multi-task effectively. This is especially important if you are working within a busy office as new tasks could come up that urgently need to be done, so you would need to re-organise your workload.

          It's also important to be a strong communicator in order to manage meetings, diaries and potentially welcome guests into the workplace. Someone who has strong written and verbal communication skills will do well in administration.

          Bilingual secretaries are also valuable for companies who have multiple offices internationally, but this isn't an essential skill to get into administration.

          If you're satisfied by keeping things in order and logical working, administration work will be very fulfilling for you.

          Some other skills that you may find useful to get into administration are:

          What Administration work experience do you need?

          Any office experience will be beneficial for a career in administration. Even if at first you are not doing the tasks that you would like, just being in the office environment will help you to learn about how a professional workplace functions.

          Also, any demonstrable communication experience would help you get a job in administration. For example, taking minutes in society meetings or helping to organise events would prove that you are confident in communicating within organisations.

          If you have already decided which industry you would like to be an administrator in, it would be helpful to do your research and stay up-to-date on trends and news.

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