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Graduate Jobs in North East

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      North East
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        Theo James Recruitment
        £25,000 - £30,000 per annum
        Added 12 days ago
        Bennett and Game Recruitment LTD
        £25,000 - £30,000 per annum
        Added 14 days ago
        Added 14 days ago
        jp engineering
        Newcastle upon Tyne
        £27,000 - £32,000 per annum
        Added 14 days ago
        GSL Education - Newcastle
        South Shields
        £75 - £100 per day
        Added 16 days ago
        Vision for Education - Newcastle
        £95 - £100 per day
        Added 16 days ago
        GSL Education - Newcastle
        £75 - £100 per day
        Added 17 days ago
        Vision for Education - Teesside - SEND
        £80 - £90 per day
        Added 18 days ago
        GSL Education - Newcastle
        £75 - £100 per day
        Added 20 days ago
        GSL Education - Newcastle
        £75 - £100 per day
        Added 20 days ago

        Helping you find a career in North East

        The North East has a strong industrial history and is becoming a more popular area to live as companies have relocated from elsewhere to take advantage of the cheaper running costs. This has led to significant job growth in the area that has attracted more people to live there. The region has three larger cities: Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham alongside a selection market towns and seaside areas to accommodate everyone, no matter what kind of lifestyle you're seeking.

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        Cost of living

        The North East has some of the cheapest houses in the country with the average house price being £170,862. Living in the North is generally cheaper than the South. Utility costs are usually lower and general living costs such as food and leisure activities are cheaper.

        Renting Prices

        The average rent price is £527 per calendar month, which makes it the cheapest region to live in the UK. Whilst you may will be able to find places this cheap elsewhere, in the North East your money goes much further, with greater space for the same price.


        Students in Newcastle often boast that they have the best nightlife in the UK with events taking place every day of the week. There is also a range of sporting, arts and music events taking place throughout the year. The city can be loud and lively, but the North East also has lots of smaller towns for those who want a quieter life.

        Notable Attractions

        Holy Island Lindisfarne, Northumberland - This island has the ruins of an ancient monastery and a collection of great wildlife that attracts people from all walks of life: from artists, to scientists, to yachters, to pilgrims. It's a tidal island, which means your visit will need to be planned accordingly, or your feet will get rather wet!

        Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland - Bamburgh Castle is a gothic and glorious structure situated on the coast. The stately homes are open for visitors and the castle has a rich history of millionaire benefactors, bloodshed, myths and even ghosts!

        Alnwick Castle, Northumberland - Pronounced ‘Annick', you might have seen this picturesque castle before on TV as it was used to film part of the Harry Potter films and, more recently, Downton Abbey. On a bright, sunny day this is a beautifully quaint day out.

        Newcastle Quayside - A modern area of Newcastle that features the Tyne and Millenium bridge. It's a great place to explore with an arts centre that offers fantastic views of the city from its rooftop.

        Grainger Town and Grey Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Boasting architecture from the 1930s and voted the finest street in Britain, this is a great area to appreciate British history and culture.

        Hadrian's Wall - This impressive structure was built by the Romans to regulate relations with the fiercely independent Pictish tribes of Scotland. It stretches over 70 miles across the country from the North Sea to the Irish Sea and is a popular tourist destination.

        Seaburn & Roker Beaches, Sunderland - A collection of white sandy beaches with places to eat and drink that are incredibly popular in the summertime.

        Kielder Water and Forest Park, Northumberland - This quiet, secluded area has absolutely no light pollution, so it has become a famous spot for taking stunning night time photographs of the starry British sky.

        North Pennines - The North Pennines is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that boasts amazing views of waterfalls, moors and meadows that allow for a peaceful day of wandering in the countryside.

        Penshaw Monument, Sunderland - Penshaw Monument was built in 1844 and is a half-size replica of the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens. It has stunning views, particularly at night. There is also a staircase in one of the pillars allows you to appreciate views from the top of the monument.

        Education institutions in North East

        University of Durham

        Newcastle University

        Newcastle College

        New College Durham

        Northumberland College

        South Tyneside College

        University of Sunderland

        Teesside University

        Tyne Metropolitan College