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    Advertising, marketing & PR
        Advertising, marketing & PR
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        Pembroke College
        £23,400 per annum
        Added 6 days ago
        The Wildlife Trusts
        £21,840 per annum
        Added 6 days ago
        Educated Appointments
        £29,400 - £33,600 per annum
        Added 14 days ago
        Educated Appointments
        £29,400 - £33,600 per annum
        Added 14 days ago
        Lunaria Partners
        Added 16 days ago
        Best Practice Network
        Abbeydale & 39 more
        Added 19 days ago
        Best Practice Network
        Abbey & 39 more
        Added 20 days ago
        Best Practice Network
        Ab Kettleby & 39 more
        Added 20 days ago
        Best Practice Network
        Abingdon & 39 more
        Added 20 days ago
        Educated Appointments
        Balsall Heath
        £29,400 - £33,600 per annum
        Added 22 days ago

        Helping you find a career in advertising, marketing & pr

        The Advertising, marketing & public relations (PR) industry helps a brand and companies deliver their messages to the world, usually to influence behaviours. It's a popular industry, especially among younger generations, and can offer a highly varied career path.

        Jobs in this industry can typically be divided into two camps, agency and in-house. If you work for an agency, you'll work with several clients, whereas in-house work focuses all of your energy on the company you work for.

        Types of activities you might be involved in include:

        • Organising campaigns
        • Planning strategies
        • Designing marketing materials
        • Working out advertising plans

        There are a huge variety of roles available within this industry because it covers such a large remit and different activities.

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        Which skills are needed to work in the Advertising, marketing & PR industry?

        To work in advertising, marketing and PR It'll help if you have a social personality and are able to get on with people easily, as you'll need to build relationships with clients and work in a team.

        What are typical Advertising, marketing & PR career progression routes?

        Although there are many roles available in this industry, there is a general progression structure that most companies tend to follow. Although the titles may vary slightly. The structure is:

        • Assistant
        • Executive
        • Senior executive
        • Manager
        • Senior manager
        • Director

        You should be in a position to apply for assistant level roles after you complete your apprenticeship, if this is the route you decide to go down.

        What are typical career development pathways in the Advertising, marketing & PR industry?

        Many companies offer training courses and professional qualifications in marketing. These will help you to keep your knowledge and skills up to date, while also proving your dedication to the industry. The most highly recognised body who offers these courses is the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

        If you have completed an apprenticeship in this area, you could go to university afterwards in to increase your professional standing.

        How much do Advertising, marketing & PR professionals get paid?

        As an apprentice, you'll earn a minimum of £4.15 per hour if you're under 19 or in the first year of your apprenticeship. You'll earn the National Minimum Wage if you're over 19. This works out at around £165 - £240 per week.

        Entry-level salaries tend to be pretty low in this industry. Salaries tend to increase as you take on more responsibilities.

        Average salaries are:

        • Marketing executive- £23,172
        • Marketing coordinator - £21,918
        • Marketing manager (entry level) - £29,229
        • Marketing manager - £32,907
        • Senior marketing manager - £48,407
        • Events Co-ordinator - £19,600
        • Events Manager - £25,846
        • Advertising account executive - £19,999
        • Advertising account manager - £26,636
        • Advertising account director -£43,927
        • Art director - £36,064
        • Senior graphic designer -£34,661
        • Advertising manager - £36,194
        • Copywriter -£23,497
        • Senior copywriter - £39,001
        • PR executive - £20,397
        • PR account manager - £26,700
        • PR manager - £33,608
        • PR account director - £44,946
        What qualifications do I need to work in Advertising, marketing & PR?

        As a school leaver, you have a variety of options. One route is to go to university and study a subject aligned to the area, for example marketing, business, management, PR. Other subjects like English and Psychology are also good degrees to take if you want to get into this industry.

        If you don't want to go to university, you could look at alternative career routes like apprenticeships. Apprenticeships are available in advertising, marketing and PR. You'll study and work for a company at the same time.

        Advertising, marketing & PR industry bodies

        Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
        Direct Marketing Association (DMA)
        Chartered Institute of Public Relations
        Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
        Institute of Promotional Marketing
        The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing

        Advertising, marketing & PR further reading

        Marketing Agencies Association (MAA)
        Public Relations and Communications Association
        Market Research Society (MRS)